At the time you are reading this article, the Google team is working on yet another Google Ads feature. It is always brimming with new changes and fixes to previous features. So, as a professional or a company, it is advisable to stay updated with all the useful features. C2web realizes that you would not want your competitors to use more advanced features than you. This article will discuss some essential elements of Google advertising, which are a must- know.

Use Above-The-Fold CPM bidding

There is ample evidence to show that above-the-fold CPM bidding enhances the chances of clicking. You do not have to worry about different devices or resolutions. So, it is not advisable to take a chance and bet that your ad will show above the fold. If your ad entails cost-per-thousand-impression, then it might be that you are most probably looking for branding. In such a case, you do not want to pay for the impressions on Google advertising when no one is actually viewing your ad.

Image ad creator

You can create a lot of exciting designs with this feature. Sometimes, even you might surprise yourself to see what you have made. You won’t need to develop .swf files with Adobe Flash once you get the hang of the image creator. Even though it is not the display ad builder, you can still create rich media content in different pixel dimensions by investing hardly any time. You just need to feed it the description, the headline, and a call-to-action button and sit back and view numerous ad examples it will throw at you.

+Broad +Match +Modifier

Several Google Ads accounts may not display their true potential with regular broad match. So it is not surprising when new advertisers see that they have spent a lot of money at the beginning itself without any satisfactory results. It is worth noting that a regular broad match may be useful at a later stage once you have finished maxing out all the other match types.

For example, if a pencil manufacturer is advertising his pencils using the word pencil, his ad won’t be shown only in ads related to pencils. There is no guarantee that his ad won’t be displayed in a search about pencil boxes. By adding a broad match modifier, you will be able to add a “+” sign in your keyword on the word, which must be there when there is a related search. This way, you take full control of your ads and don’t hand over the reins to Google. It is a futile exercise to let Google show your ads to even a remotely related search query. Moreover, this will cause your ad expenses to shoot up.

AdWords Script

Don’t think this is technical stuff, and let that fact frighten you from using this. Mainly, AdWords scripts are utilized for account alerts, reporting, and bulk changes. Apart from all this, their help can also be taken for automating your PPC tasks. If you go by the default setting, you can only see the quality scores in the keyword level inside the AdWords interface. In case you use scripts, you are capable of making a monthly, weekly, or even a daily report that can tell you your account quality score. With the help of these reports, you are in a position to determine whether the alterations you are making are resulting in an improvement in your account quality score.

Auction insights

If you want to check out who else is bidding on your keyword and if they are doing better or worse than you, auction insights are the feature you would like to use. You will find this option located within the keywords tab.

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