Google Ads are an excellent way to improve the exposure of your business and generate new leads and sales. Usually, an investment in Google Ads is one that you should always make by getting along with a reliable firm like C2web. However, it is also crucial that you are utilizing your investment to the full potential by tapping into Google Ads settings. This article will act as your guide for the same. Read along for more insights.

Make good use of Google products

To assist advertisers, Google offers a plethora of services like AdSense, Google Analytics, AdWords, and other helpful Google products. Using Adsense, you can track and view all your ads in one place, and that really boosts your campaign. With the help of Analytics, you can view various insights and engagement of your campaign. You should also use Adwords wisely since they will determine the reach of your ads and their penetration. These are some critical Google Ads settings, which you should pay heed to.

Never mix up Search and display campaigns with each other

You can end up spending a lot of bucks on your ads if you fail to comprehend the disparity between various keyword types. You need to know the difference between a search network, display network, CPA goals, and display network. If you don’t, ads will be only a matter of luck and not based on effort. Google’s advertising network is mighty and only a fool will not tap it. Go for campaigns that use only a single campaign type. This will enable Google to get to know your content better. Also, when you are checking reports, you will be able to distinguish the attributes.

Classify keywords into single individual ad groups

The quality score holds a significant position in your ad campaign. If your landing page is relevant and covers the same topic as your keyword, then your quality score will be enhanced. This implies that your ad will be displayed more often, and you will have to pay less per click. This is because Google is interested only in showing advertisements that are relevant to their audience. It is highly unlikely that your conversion rate will be satisfactory if your ads are related less to the landing pages.

Use keywords in both your ads and landing pages

A proven method by our C2web experts to really boost your campaign is to ensure the consistency between keywords, the landing page, ad copies. For instance, if your ad features clothing apparel, then you would not want your landing page featuring a different shirt or trousers from the ones mentioned in the ad. Your audience deserves to get what they saw in the ad. And this can only be achieved if an absolute continuity is sustained. Try breaking the keywords among several ad groups, and do not forget to include trending keywords.

Explore geotargeting options

Not many people can get the hang of altering their bids as per geographical locations, including countries, cities, and states. If you focus your investment only on a particular demographic and population, you will discover that you are getting better conversions and lesser costs of marketing. To take advantage of this, select ‘Settings’ and then choose a suitable location from the ‘locations’ tab. Analyze your site and you can even customize the same. If you feel that the conversion rate of one area is better, then go for that. Bid more on areas that give better value to your ads.

Make unique advertisements for separate ad groups

You will face numerous hurdles while managing your ads account. Sometimes, there are some problems which you won’t be able to solve by yourself. In such cases, it is best to outsource your work and have our professionals handle it for you.


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